About Us

The Catholic Bushwalking Club

The Club was founded in 1943 by a small group of Catholics with an interest in bushwalking.  Through the Club they found the opportunity to enjoy their bushwalking in the company of people whose Catholic faith they shared.

Our common interest in bushwalking and our Catholic faith are still central to what we share as members of the Club.

Membership of the Club is not restricted to Catholics and is open to all who share our interest in bushwalking and the outdoors but all members are expected to respect the values of the Club.

At December 2016 total membership was 366 and of these 172 completed 1 or more walks during the year.

In 2016 Club members were offered 243 walks and participated in 215 walks (28 walks did not proceed for a variety of reasons including track closures and adverse weather).

The Club is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984 and through incorporation its members enjoy the legal protection and benefits of being part of an incorporated association (the current Constitution can be downloaded here...)

Information about incorporation and the Associations Incorporation Act can be found at http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/Cooperatives_and_associations/Associations.html.

Public Liability Insurance is maintained to cover the Club and its members.


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