Grading of Walks

All walks are graded in accordance with their expected level of difficulty.

The grading applied to the walks are:

  •   G3    Easy Walk - Generally short &/or flat (should be suitable for all but the ill or infirm).
  •   G2    Medium - moderate exertion (most walkers should be able to cope).
  •   G2+  Medium - less favourable terrain (off track, sense of adventure may be required).
  •   G1    Harder - longer walk &/or over more difficult terrain (unfit or inexperienced walkers may have difficulty).
  •   G1+  Difficult - longer, more hilly or technical (not for the unfit or inexperienced).
  •   G0    Very difficult or exploratory or both (unfit or inexperienced walkers must not attend.

As the grading applied to each walk relies upon individual estimation of the difficulty of the particular walk it is not precise. Walkers need to take account of the imprecise nature of the walks' gradings when deciding which walk may be suitable for them.

Walks involving abseiling use a similar grading system to other walks but are delineated by "A" (as opposed to "G" ). Only those who have attended a Club abseil practice day and who have the necessary equipment and fitness may attend an abseil walk.

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