What to Take

Suggestions of what to pack on a day walk

Below is a checklist of what to take with you on a day walk. This list is provided as a guide only.

Items to have All Year

Fully closed in boots, sandshoes or joggers

Back pack large enough to fit all your gear.

  •   Water Minimum 1 lt
  •   Lunch & Snacks
  •   Whistle
  •   First Aid Kit
  •   Personal Medication
  •   Toilet Paper
  •   Good Quality Rain Jacket
  •   Sun Hat
  •   Sun Block
  •   Money
  •   Matches
  •   Torch
  •   Pack liner

It is a good idea to have a change of clothes including shoes and a jacket (to be left in the car) in case you get wet or dirty on your walk

For Winter Walking

All Year Items plus

  •   Fleece Jacket
  •   Beanie / balaclava and gloves
  •   Wool or acrylic thermal top and bottom
  •   Over-pants (good quality)

For Summer Walking

All year items plus

  •   Extra water
  •   Insect repellant


  •   Map and compass (leader must have)
  •   Gaiters and scrub (gardening) gloves
  •   Hand Towel
  •   Hand Sanitizer
  •   Plastic bag for rubbish
  •   Hot drink
  •   Camera
  •   Swimming costume
  •   Sunglasses
  •   Walking poles
  •   Foam mat to sit on

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