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Please note that your membership application will not be processed until the club has received the application fee: $35 email, $45 post. Full time students under 22 years, $17.50 email, $22.50 post.
If joining after 1st October, membership will be valid to the end of the following year.

Payment method:
Cheque / Money Order – Payable to “Catholic Bushwalking Club Inc.”
EFT Transfer - Account details:
BSB: 032828
Account No.: 265355
Account Name: Catholic Bushwalking Club Inc.
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Acknowledgement and Waiver

To the Membership Secretary,
I have read & accept the Acknowledgement & Waiver at the bottom of this form, and:

  • I hereby apply for enrolment as a Prospective Member of the Catholic Bushwalking Club Inc,
  • I understand that a probationary period of minimum 4 months to maximum 12 months will begin from the date you receive this form, fully completed, together with my application fee,
  • I understand that during the probationary period I have to complete 4 walks of Grade 2 standard or above and fulfil the requirements to meet full membership of the Club.
  • I have reached 16 years of age,
  • I understand that my acceptance as a Prospective Member does not necessarily qualify me for Membership of the Club,
  • I understand that as a Prospective Member I may not invite visitors on a Club activity; and
  • I agree to accept the Club’s decision as to whether or not I am admitted to Membership.

Acknowledgement and Waiver
The Catholic Bushwalking Club Inc (“Club”) advises all intending and actual participants in any of the activities of the Club that any or all of those activities may be considered “adventure sport” require appropriate physical fitness, competence and equipment and may involve an element of risk. Participants in any activity of the Club do so voluntarily and in the knowledge of the fitness, competence and the equipment required and fully understanding and accepting the risks involved. All participants acknowledge that they take part in such activities at their own risk and will hold none of the Club, the leader(s), others involved in organising or assisting with the activity or any of the other participants in an activity responsible for any death, injury or loss that may result to them or to others through participation in the activity whether due to negligence, misadventure, accident or otherwise. Those inviting visitors on activities or deliberately or otherwise providing details of Club activities to others indemnify the Club and agree that in doing so they have made the terms of this Acknowledgement and Waiver clear and that those participating in an activity as a consequence do so in full acceptance of this Acknowledgement and Waiver. The Club, its leaders, those assisting in organising and those participating in an activity may, to the fullest extent permitted by the law, rely on this Acknowledgement and Waiver as a bar or limitation to any claim for death, injury or loss that may result from such activity.

By returning this form and paying your prospective membership application fee you warrant that all of the information you have provided is both complete and correct and you agree to the terms of this Acknowledgement and Waiver and indemnify the Club, its leaders , those assisting in organising and those participating in an activity for any death, injury or loss that may result to them or to others through participation in the activity.

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